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Introducing Primes Denim Expert Sam

Introducing Primes Denim Expert Sam

Denim garments will forever remain popular & timeless due to their durability. A high-quality pair of jeans can last for years or even decades! 
Denim looks better as they age, which not only adds to their appeal but adds to it's character. We are very lucky to have our own denim guru at Prime! If you ever need help with anything denim you now know who to ask! 
Introduce yourself
Hey I'm Sam, I'm the assistant manager at Prime.

Explain your personal style in 3 words
Earthy, heritage, casual

What was your first pair of jeans?

My first proper pair of selvedge was from Prime! The day after I was hired I purchased a pair of Raw selvedge "Gritty Jacksons" by Nudie Jeans, and wore them to work religiously after that.
Six months in they had their first hand wash and I was able to see the fruits of my labor, fades in the form of whiskering, train tracks, and even an outline of my phone.

What do you look for when purchasing denim?

A marriage of both fabric and fit, I feel like a great pair of denim isn't complete without one or the other.
My personal go-to preference usually tends to be a wide/straight fit, using a mid to lightweight raw selvedge fabric.

What is your favourite denim brand?

It's always hard to pick a favourite, especially when so many brands are providing their own spin on the classic 5-pocket, but the one brand that consistently surprises me is "Naked and Famous"
They always find new ways to spice up their denim, it's refreshing and fun.

Best way to wash denim?

There's so many different ways to wash your denim, some more outrageous than others.
The best way to wash your denim would have to be a hand wash, this can be in a large container or sink with some warm water and any gentle soap.
If your washing machine has a "hand wash" feature that's even better and a lot more convenient, once done let them air dry.

What knowledge can people expect to receive from you when they come in to buy denim?

Knowledge that'll help you find denim that's right for you.
Each pair of denim we stock has its own characteristics that can stand out to the right person,whether that be the cut, fabric, how it's been treated or if it's been treated at all, there's a pair that can fit any lifestyle.