Seattle-based brand Ebbets Field have been producing handcrafted ballcaps and athletic apparel for over 25 years. Owner and founder Jerry Cohen built the brand around his lifelong passion for vintage sports emblems and uniforms, as well as his dissatisfaction with the look and feel of the "polyester era."

"In 1988, my search for an original, wool uniform led me to a warehouse containing baseball flannel dating from the 40's. I bought in one bolt at a time and we literally built our company on it."

Focusing on the non-major leagues of the past, the brand prides itself on its historical accuracy and commitment to quality. Each garment is hand cut and sewn in the USA from the world's largest inventory of 100% authentic, historical fabrics.

In an industry dominated by trends and change, Ebbets Field's identity built on heritage and timelessness.

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