George James Cox, originally a brewer, established his footwear company in England 1906. The company defined their style from the beginning combining the quality of Goodyear Welted construction with flair and originality. His son, George James Cox later joined the family business kickstarting the brand into success with it's signature product, the "brothel creeper", a style for which is now world-famous. 


Norman "Norrie" Waterfield joined his father-in-law Ham in the early '50s and saw the introduction of "Winklepickers", the thick soled brogues and loafers. As a result the company exploded into the limelight as Teddy Boy styles where resurrected, and the uniform of the punk generation was born. In the mid '80s Cox's styles spawned a completely new look adapting Dr Martens soles, for which Cox became licensed to manufacture in 1973. These rockabilly styles became hugely popular and still remain an all time classic forming part of the range to this day. 


With over a century of longstanding relationships with designers and innovative retailers, combined with a unmatched variety of patterns and craftsmanship, it is no surprise George Cox footwear is still a key player in the game. 


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