The new range from Levi's Vintage Clothing has arrived at Prime! The brand has delved deep in to their archive to celebrate the Summer of Love's 50th anniversary, breathing new life in to a number of LVC classics.

The summer of '67 marked a significant turn amongst American youth culture, with a generation beginning to reject the conservative and conformist ideals of their government. This social change gained public attention as like-minded individuals made their way west, hitching rides to reach the hub of the counterculture movement, San Francisco. Hair grew longer, music got louder and fashion adopted an almost-psychedelic colour palette. The Summer of Love had begun, and it would continue to shape popular culture for decades to come.

The collection features a range of tees, sweats and the brand's signature denim, with each piece maintaining the quality, craftsmanship, fits and colours synonymous with the era. View the latest here.

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