Kevin Costner style icon? Yes? Maybe, ok? Not the first Hollywood actor that springs to mind but lets look at his extensive collection of sports movies. Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, Mc Farland and Draft Day (AWESOME MOVIE). All top-notch films that all have a slue of Coaches Jackets, Baseball Caps, 70s Ringer Tees, Vintage Nike Trainers, Track Hoods and Varsity Jackets. This Look-It-Up pays tribute to this un-assuming hero of Hollywood sports style. 1970s Satin Coaches Jacket from our mates at TSPTR, fully shower proof with Peace Corp chest hit and authentic Road Runner California graphic on the back, Costners home state. Shout out to Southern California. Sweat Pants from the Converse Essentials Collection are a classic sweat pant design that would fit in to any Costner track-side-out-fit. All Court Nike Tennis shoes in clean white and college green are what Kevin would wear to encourage his underdog team and push them to the limits of the human body and of course take first place in what ever American well dressed sport he might be coaching.


Kevin Costner Sports Style Icon – I think YES! Look-It-Up

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