We love a good story here at Prime, so you can only imagine our excitement when Nike announced their plans to honour the man who inspired the first prototype of a Prime running favourite, the Cortez. 

Word has it that Kenny Moore, a long-distance runner at the University of Oregon incidentally became the brand's first wear-tester when he suffered a stress fracture while wearing the Tiger TG-22, a high jump shoe. During his recovery, Kenny's coach and future Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, went to work on creating a shoe specifically for distance running that offered superior cushion and arch support over anything else available on the market. A number of prototypes were made, each receiving tweaks based on Kenny's feedback as he clocked up over 1000 miles in the unnamed shoes. The end result would pave the way for decades of future footwear innovation. The Nike Cortez was born.

This season Nike celebrates the shoe's origins with a collection featuring a model based on one of Bowerman's earliest prototypes. Complete with a handwritten 'Moore' graphic across the leather upper, the pack is rounded out by two more nylon/suede colourways replicating the original editions of the shoe. 

The Nike Cortez Kenny Moore collection will launch on Friday the 25th of August at 10am from our St Kilda store and online.

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