This weeks Look-it-Up is all about the Short Trousers. Can I wear shorts? am I to old? do I look like a kid? Real men wear shorts. From Law Enforcement to Sportsmen to Englishmen on Safari. So show us your pins. With classic Melbourne weather you can layer heavy up top so not to miss out on the sassy short trouser look. We have here stripe 1970s Ringer Tee from Fred Perry in white maroon combo, Long Sleeve Oxford Fabric Shirt in twill from Denham the Jeanmaker and a light summer jacket in the form of an authentic workwear Caban from Mr.Perry. As the days heat up dump all the layers in your trusty Watch Back Pack from Carhartt. No Nationality have dropped us a bunch of new shorts including these Crown Shorts that strike an ideal smart-casual balance that will see you through endless occasions. Denim Ball Cap from TSPTR and Nike Cortez Ultra trainers complete our "Shorty Look". Look it up, real men wear shorts. Selected shorts available online here.


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