Remember when your mum was dressing you and she would make sure everything was tucked in so you would stay warm. Pants into socks, shirt into pants, you know the drill. At Prime we are taking things back to basics, neatly tucking things away, ready for winter. This Hooded Chase Sweatshirt from Carhartt has been neatly tucked into a pair of 1965 606 Super Slim's from Levis Vintage Clothing topping of this look in true nipper style. Hood_Detail If things really cool down, throw on this Carhartt Fan Scarf to take the edge off. Scarf Down bottom we have Newburgh from Fred Perry, a clean modern take on the Derby shoe, sitting atop a lightweight blown rubber 'creeper' style sole. Large rolled cuffs bring the greaser look back, worn with contrasting white socks. IMG_6051 Available in store and online here.

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