The silly season is right around the corner and the Prime team are damn exited! We are already playing jingle bells and sculling eggnog in the office (not really). This year Prime wants to make sure you get what you really desire for Christmas, no more pretending that ironing board from last year was just what you wanted!


All you have to do is send the following details to - stkilda@primeonline.com.au





Shirt/T-shirt Size:

Pant Size:

Shoe Size:

Your Prime Wish-list (Top Five):


Now your Parents, Partner or Santa can pick up your favourite Prime items from any of our stores. All they need to do it ask one of our friendly staff to look up your wish-list, and they will be more then happy to assist them with your present. Alternatively they can shoot an email to stkilda@primeonline.com.au and arrange an online purchase.


Our favourite Prime Wish List of the week will win a Fred Perry Caban Jacket, with three to give away leading up to Christmas. Start creating your Wish List now!

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