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Prime’s 25 Year Anniversary collection features a special t-shirt designed by our friend Christian the founder of Left Field in NYC.

The tees are made in Pennsylvania. The velvet flock/felt lettering is a nostalgic throw back to 50’s varsity style, the stitch inside the letters enables the felt to curl up and add texture.

We talk to Christian regarding the brands relationship.

“I think it’s been close to 23 years and the funny thing is we are celebrating 25 years this year as well. We are really stoked to be a part of the party with the tee!

I believe Brad met me at a trade show, but first hung out at my illegal live/work loft next to a bridge in Green-point around 2000, 2001. He was a bit of a character and drank every beer in the house before he left. We’ve been like brothers since and both have a good sarcastic ball busting humour and a love of clothing.

The brand came about from my love of old thing’s. I grew up with parents that collected antiques, old coins, antique first edition leather bound books, from famous authors and going to antique flea markets. I fell in love, and I would lose myself for hours digging through old treasures and would wonder why things weren’t made like they used to be. I wanted to apply that aesthetic to clothing.”

Pickup available at 227 Barkly St

Usually ready in 24 hours