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Prime's Picks: Clarks Wallabee

Prime's Picks: Clarks Wallabee

The Wallabee has been produced by Clarks shoes since 1967, it is an icon in the Originals collection for its distinctive design and trademark crepe sole. Clarks have been around for 200 years and are streetwear icons amongst all subcultures.

As people in the UK were dancing in clubs and dancing all night to the sounds of Roland drum machines, the Clarks Wallabee also found itself among the growing East Coast US hip hop scene of the early 90s. 

Wu-Tang was the first to champion the Clarks Wallabee in hip hop, but they are certainly not be the last. British-born rap artist DOOM is one such advocate of the brand, and one who teamed up with Clarks to release an exclusive collaboration edition of the shoe. We are all lovers of the Wallabees at Prime and held a launch party for the collaboration a few years ago. 
While Clarks designs may resemble what your grandad might wear, their timeless silhouettes have proven to stand the test of time. If you are looking to explore something new nevertheless, the Wallabee Boot is undoubtedly an icon that you won't regret buying.
Wallabees are way more than just shoes, their subculture connection for one has played a pivotal role in the growth of the classic shoe, but its simplicity and all year round comfort has also had a lot to do with the shoe’s popularity.
Explore the colour-ways of the classic Clarks shoes at Prime either in store or online now!