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PRIME LOCAL: Catching up with Saul's Sandwiches

PRIME LOCAL: Catching up with Saul's Sandwiches

All photos are taken by the one & only  @jackytwostep 
We catch up with the Leor who is the owner of everyone's favourite sandwich shop in Melbourne, @saulssandwhich. There are 6 stores scattered across Melbourne and if you haven't indulged in one of those sanags before, do yourself a favour and go! Below Leor answers a few questions for us.
1. Who are you?
My name is Leor Haimes, I have been in the hospitality industry for circa 10 years. My passion lies in food and i'm currently operating Saul’s Sandwiches which is a Sandwich business in Melbourne. 
2.When did Sauls open?
Saul’s has been around since October 2021
3. Best thing on the menu?
My favourite item on the menu would have to be the Eggplant Cutlet 
4.What is your favourite song?
My all-time favourite song at the moment ’Sunny - James Brown’ after my son Sunny
5.What brand do you love?
One of my favourite brands would have to be Patagonia